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It’s Time for New Approach to Child Welfare

Transformational Change is Possible

What began as a passion for transforming child welfare into an approach to strengthening families and keeping them together instead of separating them became Family Integrity & Justice Works (FIJ Works) at Public Knowledge®. We believe a future is possible for parents, children, and youth involved or nearly involved in our child welfare system to have the justice they deserve, prioritizing child and family well-being. 

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What is FIJ Works?

FIJ Works is the child welfare-focused area of Public Knowledge® created to catalyze and take bold action toward creating a new approach to child welfare that honors the power of families and communities. Our exclusive focus is creating a replacement for child welfare as we know it in demonstration sites throughout the country rather than improving existing systems that were never designed to be supportive to families. 

The Change We Are Seeking


Our work has two overarching goals:  

  • Preventing the need for families to ever make formal contact with the child welfare system. 
  • Radically change the experience for those children and families who must interact with the system. 

Why Modifying the Current System Isn’t Enough

To realize these goals, certain activities and characteristics of the existing child welfare system must be replaced. Improving the current system does not address the fundamental changes needed—replacement with more informed and humanitarian approaches is essential. 

Providing Education from Experts


Elevating the experiences and voices of those with first-hand experience within the child welfare system is crucial for igniting lasting change. The Family Integrity & Justice Quarterly provides significant insight from youth and parents with lived expertise, policy experts, and advocates. 

The Harm of the Adoption and Safe Families Act 

Poverty is not Abuse…Poverty Is Not Neglect 

Investing in Communities and Families 

Family is Best Interest 

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Ignite Change with a Trusted Partner